How to boss a job interview!

Written: 31 March 2020

two people shaking hands

Firstly, congratulations on getting an interview! Job interviews can be daunting and nerve wracking, but you need to remember that you clearly have something that the employer is looking for to have been offered an interview.

Now here’s how you can boss your interview:

Research the company

Make sure you look into the company’s history, this will show the interviewer that you are interested in working for the company and also help you come up with any questions you want to ask about the company.

Know your CV and the job description

You should go into the interview knowing exactly what the job description is and what skills on your CV compliment this.

STAR Method

Situation: Give some context to the story you’re about to tell, outline where you were and why you were there.

Task: Describe what you were doing and if you faced any challenges whilst doing it.

Action: Then explain the actions you took to complete the task and how you tackled any challenges you faced.

Results: Finally, reveal the outcome, this should demonstrate your skills, what you achieved and also anything you learnt from the situation.


While you should now be fully prepared for the interview, you may still be nervous. This is totally normal, but you need to come across to the interviewer as calm and collected as possible. If you build up a rapport with your interviewer this can help to make you feel calmer and more at ease during the interview. Making eye contact is also a great tip and will help you come across confident.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice what you are going to say during your interview, try answering some quick fire interview questions with a friend, family member or your employment advisor to see how well you do. This will also help you feel more confident if you know you can answer interview style questions.

Hopefully these few tricks can help you to ace the interview you are about to have.

Now go out there and wow your future employers! If you need more support, you can visit Leeds Employment Hub.